A Drone Agent to Support a Clean Environment (2015)

Mohammad Obaid, Omar Mubin, Christina Anne Basedow, A. Ayça Ünlüer, Matz Johansson Bergström, and Morten Fjeld. In Proceeding of the Third International Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, HAI 2015, October 21-24, 2015, Daegu, Republic of Korea, ACM, (7 pages).

Towards modeling quasi-periodic oscillations of microquasars with oscillating slender tori (2013)



Context One of the often discussed models for high-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations of X-ray binaries is the oscillating torus model, which considers oscillation modes of slender accretion tori.
Aims Here, we aim at developing this model by considering the observable signature of an optically thick slender accretion torus subject to simple periodic deformations.
Methods We compute light curves and power spectra of a slender accretion torus subject to simple periodic deformations: vertical or radial translation, rotation, expansion, and shear.
Results We show that di fferent types of deformations lead to very di fferent Fourier power spectra and therefore could be observationally distinguished.
Conclusions. This work is a first step in a longer term study of the observable characteristics of the oscillating torus model. It gives promising perspectives on the possibility of constraining this model by studying the observed power spectra of quasi-periodic oscillations.

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