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Hello, my name is Matz Johansson Bergström and I created this blog. Thanks for visiting my “about me” page.

It's me!

So, you want to know more about me. The first question is: why did I create this blog? Am I that important? Well, let me introduce myself. In short: I’m a programmer, but dabble in mathematics, physics, art, solving puzzles, cooking, playing the piano, bicycling and card magic. I am a also a great fan of movies and games as well.

I created this blog not to show-off what I am great at or to impress anyone, but rather to teach and to inspire people to code and to show what wonderful things you can do with a computer and at the same time show my passion and why I love it. Hopefully you will get inspired and implement something for yourself just for the fun of it.

I don’t think that I should post complete solutions on my blog. The reason for me thinking like that is I think in a different way than you and the next person think in another way. It would be bad to force my own thinking or motivation on to anyone, basically stealing the pleasure you get from actually solving a problem by yourself and develop your own style and motivations.

I like to take a problem, solve it and then dissect it and make something new with it. If I want to put an idea into people’s mind it is just that: code and modify it until it does something else and learn from that experience. A perfect definition of what I do is hacking. Now, “hacking” is not the same as “security cracking”. As Richard Stallman puts it: a hacker is a person who “…explores the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness”. https://stallman.org/articles/on-hacking.html

On another note, I also love hacking in that I create magic tricks. It is mostly card and coins. One day I will probably put some magic on this blog. The secrets I will keep for myself and share with my magician friends though ;-).

Additionally, I have a lot of small code snippets that I maybe only used once. Some codes are hacked and some I found on a web page and maybe forgot the link to. Those codes might be useful for someone else and that will be posted here also.

Some of the things I plan on blogging about is also real “heavy lifting” that I don’t wish anyone to have to go through, because it may be very boring. These boring things might defer people from coding, maybe thinking that programming is all about writing a lot of nonsense. This distracts people from doing the fun stuff.

That’s enough for introduction, head on and start your reading, I have some fun things ahead. Read, get inspired and give me a comment if you want.

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