Explorer is Flirting with me

I’m back

It’s been a while since my last post, but I intend to post more often. The reason why is I’ve been busy. I’ve dabbled in many different small projects and not had any time to write about them. Also, I got married.

Today I decide to write about my latest encounter. Why? because this issue is so odd and I couldn’t find any clear answer online, so I will provide one.
Usually when I have no idea how to solve something I have to mentally brace myself for a marathon of trouble shooting. However, this experience was very quickly solved. At least for me, I hope you have the same luck.

What was the issue?

This is what I saw:

The toolbar just kept on blinking. If I tried to click on the start button, it was swallowed by the refreshing Explorer stealing the focus. I tried rebooting into safe mode, but it didn’t help.

Then after some thinking I decided to open the task manager and run cmd.exe.

While Explorer kept refreshing, inputting commands to command line proved to be challenging because, again, the desktop kept stealing the focus because Explorer was restarting itself. Well, I stole back the focus by tapping on the right arrow key while pressing the keys I needed.

The solution?

I simply wrote shutdown /r and pressed enter and ever since then the computer has been calm.

I should mention that I use a USB disk that is connected to my router with a directory of backgrounds that is set to cycle every 30 minutes. I’ve read online that this could be confusing Windows, I’m not sure though.

Anyway, short story and a happy solution.

Hey, I’m married, the flirting needed to stop.


  1. I love you 🙂 🙂 . I do not care you are married 🙂

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